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GOBOB Bonus Days

Free Delivery during Bonus Days!

Save Hundreds, if not Thousands on Brand New Equipment !

GoBob Bonus Days

Hey Everyone!


It's time for our biggest sale of the year, GOBOB’S BONUS DAYS.


At this time of year, things may be a little slow for you around the ranch. The cattle were worked last Spring and for the most part, the hay is in, and maybe, just maybe, you have a little time on your hands.


We would like you to take this time and do some planning, like any smart cattle producer would, and anticipate what your needs are going to be this fall and going into the Winter.


To reward you for thinking ahead and avoiding the rush, and the problems that always come with it, things like higher prices and shortages, we are going to give free delivery, if you qualify. As you know, free delivery can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.


This offer is good on manufactured equipment only, and to qualify depends on the equipment you are interested in and where you live. Call now and a GoBob customer service advisor will help you determine if you qualify, but remember, this sale is for a REALLY limited time.


P.S. We also have a plan for those of you that want to pick up your equipment.


And don’t forget, GoBob DELIVERS from coast to coast. So we can get these trailers to you, wherever you are.




Limited Time !


We are excited to announce today the new Red Rhino Max hay trailer. You can expect to have the same great Red Rhino performance, build quality and value, but now with double the capacity. It comes with a wireless hydraulic remote, as well as a wired remote in case you forget to change the batteries.

The Red Rhino Max is available in 32' and 42' foot models. They come standard with 10 ply radial tires, 10K Dexter oil bath axles and electric brakes. We also use a beefy 12 by 16 pound I-beam and a torque tube to relieve metal fatigue and extend the life of the trailer.


The cradles are built with 8 5/8"OD .352 wall thick main tube and 2 7/8" schedule 40 rails. For the hydraulics, we have a fully self-contained system that has a 3" bore and a 12 inch stroke hydraulic cylinders that has more capacity than you'll ever need.

Red Rhino Max also comes standard with a spare tire, two spring loaded jacks, big toolbox out front and all wiring is sealed for years of trouble free use in the hay field.

Many upgrades available like the 17.5" 16 Ply radial tires, bigger axles, hydraulic jacks, disc brakes and just about any other option you can think of.

All Red Rhino hay trailers are 100% made in America with American steel, so you can buy with confidence.

We only have a limited supply of these in stock, while we are ramping up production. So give us a call today to reserve your own Red Rhino Max hay trailer!

Call: 1-877-851-2365


Limited Time !


As any rancher knows time is money and any piece of equipment on the ranch, that can save you time, will save you money.

Today we want to tell you about our new Red Rhino hydraulic dump trailer with a wireless remote. It's the same Red Rhino trailer that GoBob is known for, but with a BIG upgrade. It has a self-contained hydraulic dump system that comes with a wireless remote and also a wired remote, for when you forget to change the batteries.

As you know at GoBob, we tend to overbuild things so this trailer is equipped with two 2 ½" inch bore hydraulic cylinders capable of lifting 10,000 lbs each.

So if you want to save time, save money and make your life a lot easier, call GoBob today and ask about our Red Rhino hydraulic dump trailer. All reps are ready to take your call, and as always, thank you for your business.

We only have a limited supply of these in stock, while we are ramping up production. So call today to reserve your own Red Rhino Hydraulic hay trailer!

And don't forget, GoBob delivers from coast to coast. So we can get these trailers to you wherever you are.

Call: 1-877-851-2365

5 Rail Panel Super Sale


Folks, it's finally time for a continuous fence special! Bob gave us the green light to put our 5 rail Fortress Fence panels on sale and we have several options available, all with the lowest pricing we've seen all year!

These are our GOBOB 100% American made 1.25" 5 rail Fortress Fence panels. One of our new 5 rail fence options is a 2 3/8" OD schedule 40, top rail and a couple of 2 3/8" OD heavy wall posts. These panels with a top rail are easily 6 feet tall and will work great for virtually any corral. The special pricing is based on volume, so this package can be bought for just under $10 per running foot!

Just needing perimeter fence? Don't need the top rail? Now you're down under $8 per running foot depending on volume. The more you buy, the more you save!

Just need a truckload of panels? We can do that too! We have some great truckload pricing to go along with these package options, so you can be sure our Customer Service Reps can get you just what you need at the best pricing around!

We don't know how long we'll be able to keep our prices this low. So that's why we are requiring a minimum order of 40 panels to get this special pricing. So don't wait any longer, give us a call today to get in on the best Continuous Fence Sale of the year!

And don't forget, GoBob delivers from coast to coast. So we can get these panels to you wherever you are.

Thank you and we appreciate your business!

Call: 1-877-851-2365

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