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Corral & Fence Materials

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Steel Magic

Properly prepared and painted steel fence will remain maintenance free for years. GoBob's Steel Magic will save you hours of hard work and make your paint job last years longer. Simply spray or brush it on and rinse off the rust, oil, grease and other foreign materials from your fencing just prior to painting. Be sure to ask for a sample to be shipped with your first order. Our way of saying thanks for trying GoBob.

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Fiddle Tite Wire Clamps

The next time you're putting up fence, FIddle TIte Wire Clamps work with Barbed Wire, Hog Wire, Cyclone Fence, and Panel Fence.

GoBob Exclusive !

Never paint cable again!

White or Black vinyl coated cable. Safe even for horses, strong enough for cattle. This is not that flimsy coated wire. This is 5/16th inch OD 7400 pound test cable.
5000 foot spool - Call for price!
Now available in 3/8"!

Call for Price!


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