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Gate Gator by GoBob


Tired of struggling to keep your gate level while you weld it on?

You can turn a tough three-man job into a one-man breeze.  Think of the time & money that saves you)  with the GATE GATOR from GoBob Pipe & Steel.  

The Old Way

Tired and true, this may get the job done, but at what cost?  How much time & effort goes into getting the crew together?  How much money did you invest in these projects?  

The New Safe Way

Simply stand up the two bi-pods, hang and level your gate and weld it to the gate post.  You have a perfectly hung gate in minutes, every time.  No more crushed fingers or toes !

It will pay for itself the first time you use it.

Constructed with rugged square tubing, this fencing tool is durable enough to last you a lifetime. 

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