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Heavy Duty Gates

Heavy Duty Gate Prices

  • All gates constructed of 1.66" OD, 12 & 14 gage pipe.

  • Square Corners.

  • Coped & fitted pipe for maximum strength.

  • Chain latches included.

  • Ask about quantity discounts.

  • All prices are for unpainted gates.

  • Custom lengths available.

  • Delivery available


Custom Length Gates
Next size up plus - Call for Pricing

Gate Parts
Sleeves: 2 7/8" OD .217 w X 4" (saw cut)
Rign stops: 2 7/8" OD .217 w X 1" (saw cut)
Hnge flaps:  1/2" X 3" X 4" plate (saw cut)

See Below
See Below
See Below

Gate Parts


D cgdoublegate.jpg

Byron Fain of Watts, OK

" These are the BEST gates I have ever seen! "

Bryan ought to know - He's bought close to a hundred of them!

Introducing our H-Braces

Save time and money by using our pre-built H-Braces and Corner Sets.  Standard models include H-braces with and without kickers.  H-Braces and Corner Sets are available with one cross-member, two or custom features are always available at GoBob.

Our H-Braces come in 2 models

Click on arrow at side of pic to go thru slide show below

We build custom H-Braces and Corner Sets all the time. 
Check out this little ole set of Corner Sets we built for Steve Hercyk from Ponca City, Oklahoma.



I recently had a customer ask me if I offered a guarantee against animal abuse for my gates. He said a competitor offered such a guarantee. I checked it out and discovered that my gates were built heavier and priced cheaper. SO HERE'S THE DEAL - If you want to pay me the price that they get, I'll DOUBLE their guarantee!


Everyone knows we have the best prices.

Need Pricing? 

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