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Someone finally made a Continuous Fence just for corrals !

High Pressure Fence Do you ever worry that the old 6 rail 1 ¼" panels might be a little flimsy inside your corral?

Did you ever think that maybe 10 foot post spacing was a little much where you knew you would have pressure?

Yea, you priced bigger pipe panels but they were just to high! We got the answer! 24 foot panels

With 24 foot panels you can place your posts on 8 ft. centers (instead of 10foot) and really strengthen your fence!

Plus, let’s go up a size and make them out of 1 ½” instead of 1 ¼” OD pipe. This will make them almost 20% heavier.

Conclusion: 20% more steel supported every 8 feet instead of 10 feet, makes for one tough panel!

To order call 1-877-851-2365

Need Pricing?
Call:  877-851-2365

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