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Monster Fence

Sold exclusively by: GoBob Pipe & Steel

Monster Fence:  The Strongest Fence

Utilizing a new pipe product GoBob Pipe has been able to capture, we are able to provide a continuous fence panel that is twice as heavy, and several times stronger than conventional fence panel pipe, all without a big increase in cost.

Monster Fence panels are fabricated using four 24 foot sections of New Prime 1.9”OD 11 Gauge wall thickness pipe. These rails are reinforced with five vertical stays consisting of 2” x ¼” flat bar with a minimum yield of 36,000 lbs. Six inch long connectors are cut from 1.5”OD. Monster Fence panels will have an average weight of 289 lbs. per panel.

“Monster Fence panels are designed for the cattle producer or sale barn operator that never wants
to have to repair or replace any sections of their pens.”

- Bob Studebaker - Owner, GoBob Pipe

4-Rails, Graduated

GoBob saves you more money by using four rails, but graduating the spacing.  The rails get closer together near the bottom of the panels, where young cattle will encounter the fence.  The rails are further apart at the top of the panel where larger cattle come in contact.  A top rail is not required in most applications but can easily be adapted if a higher fence is required. 

Comparison of standard Continuous Fence and Monster Fence Pipe.

Monster Fence graduated rail spacing confines almost all cattle styles.

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