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Picket Post Driver - the Power Post Driver!

Revolutionize your fencing procedures with the air driven Picket post driver.

Designed & manufactured in Australia.
Registered design no.126405.

This air tool has proven it’s worth in the harsh terrain of many different areas around Australia, New Zealand, UK, South Africa, Canada and now the USA.

Helping farmers and fencing contractors to build long, stretches of fences in record time. It will drive T post through shale, black soil surfaces, rocky ground, ironstone and caliche rock.

This tool can also be adapted to drive a variety of other steel posts.

Drive Kits

Drive kits are available in a wide range of sizes for steel pipe, including:

  • 2" ID, 2 3/8" OD

  • 3" ID, 2 7/8" OD

  • 4" ID

The tool can also be adapted for square steel pipe, vineyard steel trellising posts, road ide reflector post and rock breakers, which can turn the tool into a light jackhammer. 

Driver Attachments

Universal Puller

The universal puller can remove T posts from any sort of ground, including fractured rock and does it without bending your posts.

It works by gripping any edge of the T post using it’s roller jaws, which allows you to grab the post at the bottom without having to bend down to engage the jaws.

The puller can also be adapted to pull out other types of posts by changing over the T post roller jaw with additional jaws designed for steel pipe and many others.

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