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Pearson & Gallagher Sale

5% off Both !

When purchasing Pearson/Gallagher Combo

Only Thru November 30th !

Save Up To $1550.00!!!.....on Pearson Squeeze chutes with Gallagher weigh scale systems!

That’s right, fall is quickly approaching and we wanted to offer a special to help you upgrade your cattle working facilities! For a limited time when you purchase a Pearson Squeeze Chute and a Gallagher scale system to go with it…’ll save 5% off each! Pearson Livestock builds commercial grade chutes designed for serious cattlemen, and built to last generations….pair these units with one of Gallagher’s highly accurate weighing systems and start maximizing your profits with some of the safest, strongest, and longest lasting cattle working equipment in the industry.

So don’t wait, call us today! This is a limited time offer and we have reps waiting to help you pick out your new chute/scale combo! And as always, thanks for your business.


Call us to take advantage of this GREAT offer! 


And Don't forget GoBob delivers from Coast to Coast!

Call:  877-851-2365


Special Offer !

Introductory Price on the First Dozen Sold !

Best Price - Built To Last

More Hay with Less Trips !

As you’ve heard GoBob is the Hay Trailer Capitol of the World and we’ve extended our hay trailer line even more! We listened to our customers and the need for high quality Double Wide hay trailers has been higher this year than ever before! We’ve got folks getting 3 and 4 cuttings this year, and they need to move A LOT of hay! This increased demand prompted us to go out search for another double wide option to meet our customer’s needs…


And with that I’d like to introduce the Silver Armor Double Wide trailers! These beautiful trailers are available in 12, 14 or 16 bale models. All models are standard equipped with a HEAVY DUTY

I-Beam manufactured neck from ¼” plate steel, Dexter tandem dual 10k axles, electric breaks, hydraulic dump assist, 12k hydraulic jack up front, powder coat paint and a spare tire, and much more!


So if you need to move A LOT of hay, and you demand a quality trailer to help you save time, money and make your operation more efficient… a great price….call us now! We are offering special introductory pricing on the first dozen of these trailers sold. So don’t delay, we’ve got reps waiting to take your call…..and as always, thank you for your business!


Call us to take advantage of this GREAT offer! 

And Don't forget GoBob delivers from Coast to Coast!

Call:  877-851-2365

HEAVY DUTY 1.66 OD Panels

Limited Time !

Heavier Panel ... Larger Pipe ....  Stronger .... Last Longer ... More Attractive ... Time Saving


6 rail continuous fence panels are by far the most popular panels that we, or anyone else in the industry, sells……..But I want you to think outside the box and consider 5 rail panels. For one, 5 rail are less expensive…..even more-so now with these sale prices! 5 rail panels work just as effectively for traps, feed lots, grow yards, or even for your yard fence! Unless your fence-line weaning; the 5 rail panels do the job, and save you cash!!


Bob has put together a package here I think you’re gonna like. We are offering our heavy duty 1 5/8” OD 5 rail 20 foot panel, a pair of 3 ¼” .250 wall posts with caps and 3 clips per post to complete the package….all this for UNDER $10 a foot!.....there’s even more savings available on truckload quantity orders! These panels are also 100% made in America with American steel, so there’s no worry about getting a flimsy, lightweight like some of the competition offer.


Don’t want the package deal? No problem, you can buy any of these products separately at the sale price as well!


So if you’ve been thinking about upgrading your facility, and you’re willing to think outside the box……NOW IS THE TIME! Take advantage of these sale prices on GoBob’s high quality fence and corral materials, because these prices won’t last long. We have a limited amount of this 1 5/8” pipe rolled to build these panels at those low prices….once that pipe is used up the panels WILL go back to regular price. So give us a call today and reserve yours!


Call to take advantage of this GREAT offer!

And Don't forget GoBob delivers from coast to coast!

Call:  877-851-2365

Painted or Un-Painted - You Choose !
Want to Save up to $800 ?

Limited Time !

Heaviest & Toughest Equipment in the INDUSRTY !

As Ranchers we know we are always looking to save money and preserve profits, and nowadays it’s become more important than ever. Here at GoBob we are excited to now offer the option of purchasing select cattle equipment UNPAINTED for some great discounts! This will include our famous Cattle Flow Alleys, Tubs, Loadout chutes and more. As you know GoBob’s Cattle Flow cattle working equipment is heaviest and toughest in the industry. We will still offer the same equipment painted just as before, but you now have the option to save some $$$ if you don’t need equipment painted, or you can paint it yourself whatever color you like to match your Farm or Ranch!


We are also offering the option of painted or unpainted on our GoBob Scientific Hay Feeders as well! These super heavy duty feeders are guaranteed to give you over 30% in hay savings and have up to a 10 year warranty, depending on model.


Feeder orders and cattle working equipment orders are already filling up fast for the fall season, so don’t delay! Call today to start saving money and GROWING profits with GoBob! Americas Ranch Equipment Headquarters.


Again this is a LIMITED time offer!!


Call to take advantage of this GREAT offer!

And Don't forget GoBob delivers from coast to coast!

Call:  877-851-2365

Think Outside the BOX !
3 1/4" OD Heavy Post  - 8'6" $30 per post
5 3/4" OD .250 wall - $6.87 per Ft

Limited Time !


As ranchers we are always looking for ways to save money and get the job done right. I’m here today to tell you about some great deals, on some NEW pipe, that may be in sizes you’re not used to using…..but if it’s heavier, better….AND cheaper….why NOT?!?

Here we have the old standard 2 7/8” OD schedule 40 pre-cut posts in 7, 8, 9 or 10 feet. You can buy an 8 footer for about $31.50 or 9 footer for $35.40...

BUT if you’re willing to think outside the box…..We can offer you 3 ¼” OD HEAVY WALL post that’s 8’6” long for only 30 bucks! It’ll do the job of 8 or 9 ft 2 7/8” post…… except it’s heavier (this 8 and half foot post weighs 10 pounds more the 2 7/8” 9 footer) and it’s a better price!

Here we have some 4.5” OD pipe, available in single random lengths or 10 foot posts only. This pipe has been pretty hard to come by lately, but we have been able source some at a really good price. We’re selling the 20/21 footers for $7.47 per foot and 10 foot posts at $80 each….

But thinking outside the box we have some 5 ¾ .250 wall on sale for only $6.87 per foot......CUT TO ANY LENGTH YOU WANT. So you can get a bigger, heavier, better post for less money than the old standard stuff everyone has used for years.

So GoBob encourages you to open your mind a little and check out the great deals on these not so well known pipe sizes.

Quantities are definitely limited, so act fast while supplies last!

Give us a call today

Call:  877-851-2365

Stop wasting Time & Money on Regular Feeders
Feed 30% LESS hay or your money back!

There is only ONE Scientific Hay Feeder and that’s the bright orange PATENTED hay feeder by GOBOB!



After 20 years of testing and development, we have finally perfected our hay feeder system. A hay feeder that is worthy of United States and Canadian Patents.




You know they say that copying is the greatest form of flattery, but by law, no one can duplicate our hay feeders, so don’t be fooled by cheaply built and designed hay feeders.


Demand the one, the only, proven, and patented hay feeders, used all over the World!


The only scientifically designed hay feeder.


The only hay feeder guaranteed to cut your hay use by over 30%.


The only hay feeder with a 10-year warranty.


Ask for the patented SCIENTIFIC hay feeders by GOBOB!


Hay Season is almost upon us and orders are already coming in daily, so don’t wait! Call Today!


And don’t forget, GoBob delivers from coast to coast. So we can get them to you wherever you are.

Call:  877-851-2365

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